canandanann vision on paintings


My work consists of landscapes inspired by history and landscapes where the horizon plays an important role. History is coming back in paintings with titles as Germany, river Rhein and Schwarzwald, Mayerhoven guilty landscape. In an answer to the Dutch painter and sculptor Armando I made different paintings to reflect on his work that confronts German history and World War 2. In my paintings the horizon is very important because the horizon is part of your thinking and behavior in life: ” Welt verstehen ” called the german philosopher Martin Heidegger this way of thinking. The horizon is a collection of ideas and meaning about your place in the world. The horizon invited you to ask where you come from and where you go to. In this light you can call my paintings existential. They are in some way also a philosophical expression of existence. Poetry, philosophy and meaning of live are coming together in my paintings, my activity on Internet   ( and so on) and in my writing and thinking.