Radical and absolute Humanism

It is a time for “Radical and absolute Humanism” because it is the only way to make a fist against violence, oppression and violation of human rights and human lives. A radical Humanism starts with the body: to fight against indifference about the fate and condition of human lives in countries where they were oppressed  (Kongo: sexual assault as a kind of terror on women and communities they live in) -to fight against  torture: as an instrument to humiliate and destroy human bodies, (still happening in so many countries) – to fight for a language to name all these kind of killings in the name of some kind of ideology or just greed (See Egypt, Zimbabwe, Ivory cost, Sudan, former Birma and many other countries in Asia and Africa).

Only a radical and absolute Humanism which isn’t afraid to call unjust behaviour by its name is the answer on human attempts to make war against those who have no power. In world War 2 we saw the effects of indifference against the bureaucratic killings of the nazi’s over all Europe. In our days we see the same in countries who have profits from oil companies, distribution of weapons or other economical dependence. Money comes first – moral afterwards – first filling their own pockets – prices will be paid later. It is not only a mentality, it are also the deeds themselves of this managers and employees to bring people to slavery. If half of the world-populatiojn has to life with  two (or less) dollars a day – than you cannot speak of a human society!

There is no lack of money: see the expenditure for new weapons and warplanes, tanks and boats; there is only a lack of willing to invest the money in people and not in weapons and death. The financial crises didn’t change the minds: greed is still everywhere. And poverty leads to violence and violence leads to civil war en civil war leads to international oppression of fundamental needs of people: education and welfare, to live in a country where you can speak free, where women, homosexuals are nog oppressed, not by religion and not by politics. Freedom of press, freedom of religion (also to change your choice – impossible in the Islam) and freedom of thinking and to speak about what is on your mind without having to be afraid that the secret police is also listening and that you can be arrested and to get tortured.

Western politicians talk but don’t act: see Russia, see Belarus =White Russia, see all the other states where human rights are a fiction and where tyrants rule over their people. The people of Tunisia and Egypt have us shown that their may be a change if they have the courage, the endurance and the power to fight corruption, poverty and greed. I will take a long way but they have somewhere to start. Maybe they have start these months. Like Janis Joplin sings: “Freedom’s just another word for nothing left to loose” – there is a world to win: a world of Humanity

John Hacking